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Feature Focus: Carbon emissions and carbon "footprint" calculations

For several years now, energy users have become increasingly aware of the linkage between fuel consumption and the creation of CO¬≤, a greenhouse gas that has been determined to contribute significantly to global warming. A variety of government programs and private section initiatives have emerged to help organizations better understand their "carbon footprint" and how carbon emissions affect the environment. Read more »

Importing Utility Bills Can Save Time

As described elsewhere in our site (see FAQs), Utility Manager has been designed over the last 25 years to streamline manual data entry into the program.  But, whenever we can help a customer electronically import their utility bills into Utility Manager rather than manually enter them, that's a great thing.  Importing utility bills can save a tremendous amount of time in entering bills not to mention avoid data entry errors.  Utility Manager is uniquely powerful and flexible in its ability to import utility bills. Read more »

"Hot Start" service makes sense out of customer spreadsheets

One of the key services Utility Management Services offers is the "Hot Start", in which we convert your current utility tracking system to the Utility Manager software.  We convert home-grown spreadsheets or databases, as well as other off-the-shelf tracking software. Read more »

Utility Manager's Bill Audit Features Save Florida Money

One of the Utility Manager software's key features is its ability to audit and validate the utility billing information entered into the program.  The program checks the utility billing data against a series of parameters and lets you know if the data entered falls outside those parameters.  Read more »

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