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How do Utility Manager and The Energy Center differ from each other?

The Utility Manager and The Energy Center are two independent full-featured utility accounting software products.  The Utility Manager is software that is installed on your network behind your firewall.  The Energy Center, on the other hand, is 100% web-based, accessible from any browser or mobile device.

For additional information on how Utility Manager and The Energy Center differ, see Compare Utility Manager and The Energy Center.

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"Hot Start" service makes sense out of customer spreadsheets

One of the key services Utility Management Services offers is the "Hot Start", in which we convert your current utility tracking system to the Utility Manager software.  We convert home-grown spreadsheets or databases, as well as other off-the-shelf tracking software. Read more »

Customize Your Entry Screens

Select the services you want to monitor from the extensive list of available categories and options.

Software Features

With Utility Manager (for your network) or The Energy Center (100% web-based) you can...

Ensure accurate data entry:

Find billing errors:

Create powerful repor

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