Frequently Asked Questions - Data Entry and Importing

Both Utility Manager (for your network) and The Energy Center (100% web-based) have been designed over the last 30 years to ensure manual data entry is as streamlined as possible.  Here are some of the built-in methods for easing manual data entry of utility bills:

  • customizable data entry screens
  • extensive list of billing line items commonly found on utility bills
  • complete ability to add or modify the line item list
  • service period dates carry forward each month
  • automatic checking of bill totals
  • instant review capabilities
  • optional fields on data entry screen

Absolutely.  Both Utility Manager (for your network) and The Energy Center (100% web-based) products allow you to set up your data entry templates so that your screen can "mimic" the exact cost and usage details shown on the bill itself and display them in the same order they appear on the bill.   The template carries forward every month to facilitate fast data entry.  If the cost and usage items then change on a later bill... no problem!  Both programs allow you to easily change the template.  You can add new line items, delete line items, or change the order or terminology of the line items.  For more information, see "Customize your entry screens".

Yes.  Both Utility Manager and The Energy Center are powerful and flexible in their ability to import electronic billings obtained from your utility vendors.  Utility Manager ships with 6 import standard import formats for electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, and garbage.  UMS also offers completely integrated "custom import formats" that allow Utility Manager to carefully interpret electronic billing information contained in vendor billing spreadsheets and import it into the Utility Manager database.  The "billing determinants" such as account and meter numbers, service period dates, line item definitions, usage values, costs values, and so on are all brought into Utility Manager electronically, quickly, and accurately.  The Energy Center allows users themselves to create such "custom import formats" for importing electronic utility bills.

Absolutely. Not only does the Utility Manager software automatically check your data entry while it's being entered, the program offers extensive utility bill auditing capabilities.  For more information, see "Establish Audit Rules".