Can Utility Manager and The Energy Center reports be corrected for weather?

Yes!  Both Utility Manager and The Energy Center offer full-featured, integrated Advanced Cost Avoidance modules to allow great power and versatility in the calculation of weather-adjusted energy savings and cost avoidance.  To account for the effect of weather conditions on utility consumption, Utility Manager looks at the impact of two weather-related factors in addition to changes in square footage and rates: cooling degree days (CDD) and heating degree days (HDD).  Both monthly and daily weather data are easily downloaded into UM and updated monthly.  Utility Manager then uses sophisticated linear regression analysis to examine the relationship between weather and energy usage at each location.  This analysis ensures that the effects of weather are accurately taken into account when comparing the current level of energy use to an earlier (or "baseline") period.  The Energy Center has expanded on these capabilities by offering multi-variable linear regression to incorporate additional variables.  The Energy Center's Advanced Cost Avoidance methodology meets IPMV protocol standards.