Our Services: Data Conversions to Utility Manager or Energy Center

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Data Conversion and Importing

We convert UtilityTrac, Utility Direct, EnergyCAP, Metrix, and other programs to The Utility Manager or Energy Center

If you already have utility accounting data in spreadsheets or databases — or in another utility accounting program such as Energy CAP®, FASER ® , Metrix ™, Energy WatchDog, SchoolDude ™ , or Utility Direct ™ — we can convert your data for use in Utility Manager or The Energy Center. We're convinced that you'll find Utility Manager (for your network) or The Energy Center (100% online) a huge improvement in addressing your utility accounting needs over these other programs.

Moreover, if you can receive electronic billings from your utility vendors — from simple spreadsheet billings to sophisticated EDI transmissions — we can create a "custom import format" to let that data go directly into your utility accounting system. Imagine the data entry time you'll save!

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