What kinds of reports can Utility Manager and The Energy Center produce?

Utility Manager (for your network) and The Energy Center (100% web-based) offer a large variety of different types of reports and graphs for different purposes. 

  • Setup reports provide a quick reference of included facilities, utility vendors, accounts, and meters. 
  • Invoice review reports allow for viewing a complete billing history on any account, detecting gaps in your billing history, finding missing bills, and running an extensive billing audit to locate usage and cost anomalies. 
  • Analysis reports offer ranking and historical reports and graphs that compare a facility both to itself and to other facilities over any selected time period. 
  • Forecast and budget reports allow you to develop and edit a forecast of utility costs in a future year, create a budget, and then to compare actual costs to what was budgeted. 
  • Emissions Reports convert your past and current energy use to carbon dioxide emissions for greenhouse gas reporting.