Are Utility Manager and The Energy Center easy to learn?

Yes!  Ease of use is considered one of Utility Manager (for your network) and The Energy Center's (100% web-based) great strengths.  Both programs have highly intuitive "point & click" menus that most people quickly master.  It's easy to navigate between different areas of each program and complete the task at hand, whether that's setting up your database, adding utility bills, auditing your utility bills, completing reports, and so on.

Both programs are powerful and flexible in allowing you to import your utility bills and the screens for manual data entry have been streamlined to minimize the time it takes to record new bills.

The reports menus offer users an easy selection of many different report types designed for different needs, including both graphical and tabular reports.  Users can design their own custom reports as well.   A "Monthly Reports" screen allows you to save your favorite reports for easy access the next time you need them.

Since The Energy Center is 100% web-based, you can access your utility accounting database from any browser or mobile device.

Utility Manager ships with a very extensive printed Users Guide which is also available online through the Help menu. 

Finally, live technical support is always available during normal business hours should you need it.