How are Utility Manager and The Energy Center organized?

Utility Manager has highly intuitive "point & click" menus that most people quickly master. 

The main tasks are divided into the following menu areas:

  • Setup: for setting up the site locations, utility vendors, utility accounts, and meters you wish to track.
  • Monthly: for inputting your utility bills as well as updating local weather data and changes in square footage in your buildings.
  • Reports: for easy selection of many different report types designed for different needs.
  • Financial: for setting up utility budgets and analyzing how actual expenses compare to the budget.
  • Avoided Cost: for calculating the weather-corrected savings from your efficiency efforts (optional module).
  • Energy Star: for interacting with and downloading rating information from the EPA's Energy Star program (optional module).
  • Emissions: for calculating your organization's "carbon footprint" and changes in that "footprint".
  • Options: for customizing a variety of program options to tailor the program to your needs.

The Energy Center has slightly different names for some categories but is organized very similarly to Utility Manager.